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Regardless of the style, design, configuration or finish, our American made, American hardwood shutters and venetians the best you can buy. It is you, the homeowner, who is the ultimiate authority on the quality, fit and finish of our offerings, and of the professionalism and service of our dealers. Here is what homeowners have to say about us, our shutters, and our dealers.

OIcon40x23Beautiful American made shutters! Functional, lasting, and outstanding craftsmanship.

OIcon40x24Tried (a competing brand). Waited four months! One half of the shutters were made in China and half in the U.S. Different finishes, different closing bars; some opened top and bottom. No down payment — made them come get them. (The competing shutter manufacturer) wouldn't financially accommodate the local small business. Both got "testy". O'Hair was 20% higher but worth every penny! We are so pleased and will definitely recommend.

OIcon40x25Just had some of your beautiful shutters installed a few months ago....quality is outstanding.....

OIcon40x26(The shutters) look amazing and the workmanship is just beautiful. The installation looks great too. How can I comment on perfection? You have all outdone yourselves. Thank you so very very much for taking such great care of us. We will gladly provide references for any clients that contact us. You are DA BOMB!

OIcon40x27Everything was fine and the shutters look great and we are absolutely pleased with the results. We had 3 sets of shutters installed last year and we loved the results so much, that we had the dining room window done this time. We love these shutters so much. I have an order in for 3 more windows to be done when the time and money allows. Very great company to do business with.

OIcon40x28(The) quote was higher than Home Depot's, but he convinced me the quality would be, too. And boy was he right! After he installed them I was pleasantly surprised on how beautiful they were. They added a finishing touch to a house we've put so much work into. I also feel comfortable knowing they're real wood, made in the US and not plastic from China. We will have these shutters for 15-20 years! It's also reassuring to know these guys will be around for a while in case I need a repair from our two kids and dog. I would highly recommend these guys! We are even thinking of redoing the old shutters on our main level.

OIcon40x29I gotta say I am very impressed with the build quality of their product. These things are built like a tank. The paint finish is beautiful too.

OIcon40x30The whole process went flawlessly. The shutters were ready before the promised date and the installation went perfectly. The finished shutters matched our trim perfectly. My husband and I really love the shutters and would not hesitate hiring them for any future work. I would recommend (the O'Hair Dealer) to anyone looking for custom shutters that will last a lifetime.

OIcon40x31The shutters are always ready when they say they will be. A beautiful job. Had them come back and do two bedrooms three baths and an exercise room

OIcon40x1We met with several companies for estimates on plantation shutters to match our existing O'Hair Shutters that were purchased when we built our home in 2002. (The O’Hair dealer) was the only one prepared with the latest technology and ability to provide us with customized diagrams of the options for shutters on our irregular shaped windows.

The diagrams made our choice so much easier! The price was also comparable to the other estimates.

We are so happy with our new shutters! They were installed quickly and the paint was matched exactly to our other existing shutters. We don't usually take the time to post a review, but we are very pleased to post this one.

OIcon40x2We like the product and the company and the price seemed reasonable. The whole process was easy, professional, and met all the promised timelines. We love the look and quality of the new shutters.

OIcon40x3The fitting of the shutter frames was perfect. Some shutters were stained, and the stain was an excellent match to the stain on the existing woodwork. Other shutters were painted, and the paint was a good match to the paint on the walls. All work was completed within the time promised.

OIcon40x4Love, love, love my plantation shutters. Initially I had a LOT of questions. I don't spend this amount of money easily. (The O’Hair dealer) did a great job showing me the different options and explaining everything in detail. Always a pleasure to work with a professional!

The price is a bit higher than some but since I'm uber picky, I wanted to work with a company that had a good reputation, a good product, and the ability / willingness to take care of any unforeseen issues. Couldn't ask for better service.

My only regret is that I waited so long to get these shutters! Highly recommend this company!

OIcon40x5We are highly impressed with our new shutters. They are all solid wood and very high quality. They look amazing and an added side benefit is the temperature change on a hot Texas afternoon and outside noise reduction. With our old blinds we heard everything outside and had problems keeping the house cool. Both issues were resolved with these awesome shutters!! After seeing the sample shutters, we were immediately sold. The quality of the product greatly surpassed anything we had seen. The shutters were already pre-assembled and painted ahead of time, ready to install. They were very professional, courteous and personable throughout the whole process from first consultation, final measurement, to final delivery and installation. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!

OIcon40x6We considered the estimate as well as that of a couple other well-qualified shutter installers we had come out to our home. There are installers who will do the work for much cheaper, but they also provide a inferior product and installation, and we weren't interested in those kinds of installers. However, among the quality installers we could find, (the O’Hair dealer’s) price was the best. We were actually surprised by this because we had the impression that his work would be the best in terms of quality.

When installation day came they were able to install all the shutters fairly quickly. The paint matched our existing trim work very well. It's now been a couple days since the installation and the shutters open and shut very cleanly. The installation looks clean and crisp, as if the shutters had been there all along, installed by the original builder. We're very pleased with the product and would highly recommend their work.

OIcon40x7After a brief phone call, they came out and measured my windows, gave me some advice, and let me know when the custom shutters would be ready for install. Everything went smoothly. When they are shut the room is dark, just as I wanted, and you can open them to the point of full sunlight with a simple flick of the wrist.

I am totally pleased. They make it obvious that they are there to do a quality job and tell it like it is about the different types of product and so on. I love what I received for my money and they should last the lifetime of the home. My fiance was against them at first, but when I had them painted white as she asked for and when she saw them, she loved them too. The paint job is flawless. They are set in a fitted frame so that you can open them for cleaning. I will eventually replace most or all of my hard to clean, easy- to-break flimsy plastic blinds with these plantation shutters.

OIcon40x8Plantation shutters were at the top of my list for renovations to our "new to us" 15-year-old home. They were very informative on our options, and we were able to make a comfortable decision as to which shutters were the right ones for us. We had several paint colors and wood stains that they had to work with that were individual to each room and they accommodated every single one. I must say with all the windows we were having done, I was a little nervous that some would be done incorrectly. They were not. You can also count on (the O'Hair dealer's) services and products to be right on schedule, which is a rarity after I had just dealt with many a contractor/painter. The products we received were of the highest quality, as was the work that was done. It was a perfect experience.

OIcon40x9We made an appointment to measure the windows and provide an estimate within a week or so after our conversation. (The O’Hair dealer) was able to make measurements on my windows within an hour or less.

They took great care and did excellent work. No detail is too small. I ordered a shutter to fit one large window and a double window in the kitchen, a large double window in the master bedroom and an arched window in the study. The shutters fit perfectly and can be opened so the windows can be cleaned or opened if needed. The shutters seem very sturdy yet all moving parts work perfectly. The installation of the shutters took about an hour and a half or less. No time was wasted.

I couldn’t have asked for more.

OIcon40x10The bid was competitive. We quickly arranged a second appointment for final measurements. They were punctual and courteous, and quickly responded to questions. The installation, finish and color match on the sturdy shutters were flawless, and the shutters arrived when promised despite being ordered over the holidays. The shutters came with a lifetime guarantee. We were very pleased and highly recommend the company.

OIcon40x11I wanted to upgrade our window treatments and decided on shutters after doing extensive research on various types of window coverings. I was looking for quality, service, consultation, and value for the price.

I had tons of questions about shutters in general and, in particular, this product. (The O'Hair dealer) answered them to my satisfaction, gave some suggestions, showed me some pictures of prior installations, etc. The shutters are Texas-built and come with a transferable warranty, which was important to me. I was interested in a quote, which they provided by the next day. Since I was doing all the windows at once, they gave me a discount on the price, too.

The shutters were even ready a week ahead of schedule which was great. Today they installed the shutters. They were done in about 3 hours. The shutters are just beautiful. The quality is evident. The color was a perfect match to our trim. They fit great. They open easily for cleaning. They provide an instant 'upgraded' look to the home....both inside and outside. I told them, "I feel like I live in an upscale home". I am so pleased. I would definitely work with them again and would refer them to anyone who wanted the quality of shutters they provide.

OIcon40x12I used Angie's list to find vendors, and the top-rated vendor tried to sell me on plastic shutters. I called (the O’Hair dealer) and they quoted wood at about $500 less than the plastic. The quality of the shutters is outstanding – some of the best I've seen. My advice – skip the plastic shutters.

OIcon40x13I was so impressed when I saw the finished product. The quality is just exceptional. My husband was home for the install and said the 8 windows only took about 45 minutes.

I got more than my money's worth. I have now asked to do 2 more rooms!

OIcon40x14We called (the O’Hair dealer) and 2 other shutter providers from Angie's list for estimates. They were by the far the most knowledgeable about real custom wood shutters. We were expecting the estimate to be on the high side to do the level of customization some of our windows required (arched, extra large, crank openings). We were pleasantly surprised when the estimate was the lowest of the three quotes, including one quote for polywood. From the time we ordered it took 4 weeks for the shutters to be made, custom painted to match the various trim colors in our house, and installed.

The other two quotes estimated an installation date of 8 weeks after order date. The shutters have completely transformed the look of our house from inside and outside. We decided to go with the 4 1/2 inch, single panel plantation shutters. They look fantastic! We could not be happier with the finished product. We also ordered roman shades for 9 french doors.