VenetiansFlyerThumbnailWithTextSmallerO'Hair Venetians™ are ideal for traditional installations and are the perfect complement for contemporary or ornate drapery designs, providing a focused visual texture not found in romans or pull shades

impressive quality

O'Hair Venetians™ are made from American hardwood, featuring slats that are 1/8" thin, yet amazingly stable. This is achieved via a bookmatched process in which the wood is divided into parallel sections, then counter-rotated and bonded, creating symmetric patterns of grain, similar to the construction of an heirloom quality musical instrument. This provides superior strength, plus resistance to warping.

The O'Hair approach to quality includes serious testing. For their venetians line they took a stack of 8' slats and leaned them against a wall with a severe bend of 45º and left them there for over a year. They came out as flat and even as the day they were manufactured.

KidsOnABlanketCroppedSmallerO’Hair Venetians™ are available in an impressive range of sizes, with widths from 16" to 100" and in heights from 24" to 100". They are availble in a range of popular whites and a selection of beautiful deep-luster stains. Ease of rotation is adjustable, with lift and rotation being controlled by sturdy 3/16" diameter nickle-plated steel bead chains that are designed for frequent daily use.

child safety

The safety of your children is an important concern and with most venetian blinds on the market, pull cords pose a serious safety issue. O'Hair Venetians™ do not use cords of any length. Rather, we use bead-chains that are of a conservative length and mounted at a height of no less than 48" off the floor, and out of the reach of young children.

O’Hair Venetians™ are covered by a generous five-year warranty.*

* See warranty for details

choice of attractive hardwood valances


The Contempo style provides a s;eek, modern look that is great on its own and integrates well with drapery.


The Terazzo valance offers a terraced look that provides a nice visual transition and adds a touch of sophistication.


The Classico provides a solid, stately feel that integrates well into a formal décor, coveying a feeling of substance..

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