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The scent of fresh cut grass, a gentle breeze rustling through the trees, and a beautiful blue sky — this is the atmosphere of the O'Hair Fairway™ series. The Fairway™, with its generous 3 1/4"  louvers, provides the most flexibility in louver designs. Its 3" spacing is perfect for wide and tall configurations, but not overpowering in smaller panels.  Louver clearance at 1 1/8” is at home in wood windows and even French doors with divided lights.
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Fairway™ 3" spacing
The Oceanview™ line with 4 1/4" louvers delivers a strikingly bold, open look. The 4" louver spacing nicely complements taller than average windows. Mid-rail  designs are also available.  Shown here is a combination of sliding and hinged designs in an arrangement that provides a comfortable range of transition from uncluttered vista to complete privacy.
Oceanview™ 4" spacing
The O’Hair Panorama™ series with its spaciously distributed deep-profile louvers sets the trend in wide louver shutter styling. The 5 1/4" louvers with their generous 5" spacing provide a stunning view, offering a view ratio of 80%. The example here features the Horizon™ side-mounted tilt rod option for an unobstructed view. The Panorama™ excels in large windows and all openings in which the command of direct light is a priority.
Panorama™ 5" spacing
Plantation™ 2" spacing
The Plantation™ series features the original 2" spacing wide-louver design. The scale of the 2 1/4" louvers accommodates small to medium size panels, commonly used in pairs across a 3 to 4 foot window. Mid-rails are a popular addition. In this example, the combination of color, slat spacing, midrail and triple panel design provides a sophisticated, exotic look that perfectly complements the granite and aubergine cabinetry and furnishings.
Townhouse™ 1 1/2" spacing
Designed for a traditional "cottage look", the narrow  1 1/2" louvers of the Townhouse™ series is ideal for multiple panels across a single window. The optional bi-fold hinging of four-panel configurations allows for easier and more compact folding. The Townhouse™ is also perfect for side lights, café designs, closets and baths, and it adds a pleasant aesthetic texture to environments where broad louvers would interrupt the visual flow of the décor.
Pattern Horizontal™
available  in hundreds of configurations and in all louver sizes
Pattern Horizontal™ shutter panels feature an industry first in contour design allowing all louvers, including fractional top louvers, to operate in full rotation without stair-stepping. Enjoy the full range of light control and view with center tilt or Horizon™ tilt system.
Semicircular windows are a popular feature of many custom homes, adding elegance to formal rooms and an aire of romance to baths and bedrooms. The O'Hair Quarterburst™ offers a superior design with a concealed synchronized linkage, providing a smooth, precise rotation for creating just the right ambiance. Offered in spacings of 2", 3" and 4", and in a range of diameters from 26" up to 100", the Quarterburst™ is a perfect complement to our lower panel designs. 
Resembling the smoothly rippling sands of a pristine beach, the O'Hair Sandbrushed™ surface accentuates the natural beauty of real wood with the added dimension of a natural grain contour. Ideal for a variety of finishes, Sandbrushed™ sculpting  brings out subtle highlights and shadows. It also provides a touch of visual interest to painted finishes by adding a subtle, ever-varying texture that can only be found in genuine wood shutters.

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