the real world performance of o'hair and its products

Unsolicited comments from shutter dealers provide the best proof of a quality product.

Dealers know their products inside and out and they know what to look for in construction, design, quality, reliability, and long life. With their livelihood depending on the products they sell, dealers tend to be the most strict critics.

Following is a representative group of unsolicited comments that dealers have shared between themselves posted on social media sites, such as a shutter pro group on Facebook sites that have no affiliation with O'Hair. This is only the first sampling and there will be many more to come, but we think they speak for themselves.

I just wanted to say that you guys do a GREAT job. You are extremely efficient and accurate, and you are so knowledgeable about what you are selling – I just wanted to give you some Kudos – thanks so much!

DY, Georgia


Just a note to say how nice the brushed primed shutters are...The shutters look great, go through the shop nicely and the most important thing is is the customers love them.Thanks to all the gang at O'Hair.

KF, North Carolina


Due to the engineered characteristics of the O'Hair shutter, they can get wider openings. They don't need to make the louver thicker - they just make it right. They are amazing.

I went to Lubbock Texas this past week to see the O’Hair shutter factory and meet the staff. It was unbelievable!

I have never been so impressed with a factory, the product and the staff. I have been in this business since the mid 80's and worked for KI - Alta, Hunter Douglas and a few others but that can't touch what this company does for their customers.

– JK, Arizona


I love your product… It was a very smooth install. The product almost installed itself – it was so easy. I was so impressed....

RM, Massachusetts


Thank you to all the folks that helped to make our shutter order so beautiful. They speak "professional work" and we are sure that the house that they go on will be very proud to have them. The color is great! The louvers work smoothly and we would be glad to send you pictures of them when they get hung if you wish. Thanks again for a job well done.

AF, North Carolina


I really like O'Hair. I've been working with them since 1993.... Love their new finished shutter program.

– MP, Texas


No shutter has straighter louvers and stiles. This cannot be argued.... With tens of thousands of shutters passing through my hands, I stake my reputation on it. 100% American grown lumber and American labor...painted in USA, ensuring there is never any lead (Chinese products in general are always in a recall). When the product is installed you can say you have installed the best shutter on the market and provided American jobs.

– KI, Massachusetts

More comments will appear in the weeks and months to come.


what do the pros say?

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