the ultimate warranty, good for the life of the home

O'Hair shutters are protected by the best warranty in the industry.

Our transferable lifetime warranty is good for the life of the home, not just the homeowner. This translates into real equity. It not only covers defects in materials and construction, but it also offers protection against minor wood damage from pets and other sources (see Homeowners' Transferrable Limited Warranty for details). No other shutter manufacturer provides a warranty as long-lasting or as comprehensive

Homeowner rated dealers

All O'Hair dealers participate in our homeowner rating system, which tracks customer satisfaction and the eagerness of our customers to recommend a dealer to others. Ratings can be accessed through the dealer locator.


Use the dealer locator to check the rating of your local dealer (click to enlarge).

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Whether you have an energetic puppy or a boisterous teenager, we've got you covered.


the very best in genuine american hardwood shutters, made in the usa

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transferable lifetime warranty