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Are O'Hair products available in materials other than wood?

We use only real wood as it delivers a superior performance in strength-to-weight ratio, natural insulation, dimensional stability, and aesthetic value, allowing natural finishes as well as our Sandbrushed™ relieved woodgrain surface. Vinyls (hollow & cellular), composites (vinyl with wood-flour filler), co-extrusions (polypropylene over MDF), etc., all fall short of these benefits of genuine wood.

Are O'Hair Shutters™ sold through retail outlets, such as building materials stores?

“Big box” building materials stores and similar venues typically fall short in the product knowledge required to properly present custom shutters and venetians. When you consult with an O’Hair professional, you are interacting with a highly knowledgeable expert who designs and installs custom shutters and venetians on an everyday basis and who can take as much time as you need to answer every question with confidence and authority.

Why do you use American hardwood rather than imported wood?

Our timber is harvested on family-owned land, from American landowners whose livelihood depends on sustainable forestry and responsible conservation. With imported timber from Third World sources, chain of custody documentation is often questionable, leaving serious concerns about sustainability. Perhaps what is more important, however, is the issue of quality. Imported wood varies greatly in quality and characteristics. As it comes from multiple climates and is often mix-and-match, there can be a significant variation in porosity and other characteristics, even within a single set of shutters. With the cheap imports, you literally never know what you are getting. One thing you can count on, however, is the superior quality of O'Hair timber.

Why is your main focus on poplar rather than another hardwood?

White poplar is plentiful, sustainable, and is a beautiful hardwood for stains, paints, and specialty finishes. O'Hair has spent many years perfecting the process of preparing, milling and finishing white poplar. This is something that no other manufacturer has been able to achieve. Properly seasoned with our West Texas air-drying & low temperature kiln-drying, it has excellent stability for a lifetime of interior use in our shutters and venetians. It is this long-lasting quality that makes it possible to offer the best limited warranties in the industry.

Concerning other hardwoods, we offer expert matching of existing finishes with all of our shutter products. In addition, if you are looking to match a particular specie from the furnishings of your home, office, or other interior space, we will soon offer a variety of other selections, all thoroughly seasoned for optimum longevity.

How does the Homeowner Rated Gold™ certification work?

When your shutters or venetians are installed, you are given a confidential survey card containing just seven questions regarding satisfaction with your shutters or venetians and your willingness to recommend the dealer to a friend. Just answer the brief questionnaire, seal it, and drop it in the mail or hand it to the installer who will be happy to mail it for you. Within three weeks, you will receive your certified warranty card. Each month we compile answers to the questionnaires for each participating dealer resulting in three cardinal scores. To achieve HR Gold™ status, the dealer’s scores must exceed a minimum high standard in each category.

What does O'Hair mean by "custom" shutters?

There are a great deal of subtle (and often very noticeable) variations between one window and the next, even when they are side-by-side. This being the case, every O'Hair product is built to order, based on exact measurements of each individual window or door where it will be installed. We do not simply mass produce panels in predetermined sizes and warehouse them. Every item we produce is designed to precisely fit the existing window, to perfectly match the existing paint or stain, and to smoothly integrate into the existing architecture.

What is the difference between O'Hair Shutters™ and O'Hair Exteriors™?

In terms of design and construction, there is virtually no difference between the two, the only exception being that Exteriors are topped with a color matching aluminum cap and weather strip, and they use super duty weatherproof assembly hardware. The major difference is in the thermal treatment of the wood and the exceptional resistance to damage by the outdoor environment. It should be noted that the rock-solid screw-reinforced mortise and tenon joinery, which is standard on all O'Hair shutter products, is rarely seen in competing exterior shutters.

Why are O'Hair Exteriors™ superior to competing exterior shutters?

O'Hair Exteriors™ undergo a specially developed "thermoset" heat treatment process that renders the wood 100% inert. This patented process, which was developed over an extended period of refinement and testing, solidifies the internal oils and shrinks the pores to make the product virtually impervious to water. This process also removes everything of interest to destructive insects. In addition to our many formal laboratory tests, which simulate aging and extremes in temperature that would be experienced over a period of many years, we have also tested them in other ways. For example, we submerged a shutter panel in water for a full week - 168 solid hours under water – and were able to measure very little change. To put this in other words, if you were to experience a flood, O'Hair exterior shutters would survive in far better condition than the house itself.

Why is the stained finish of O'Hair Exteriors™ limited to a specific type of finish?

The thermoset process greatly reduces the porosity of the wood, which is a key factor in its extraordinary durability and weather resistance. This also makes it highly resistant to traditional stains. The heat modification process darkens the wood to a hue resembling a medium walnut and this, combined with the special Cutek ExtremeŽ oil, gives the finished product a beautiful color that naturally settles to a medium brown tone.

What is the difference between O'Hair Customs™ and Millwork by O'Hair™?

With O'Hair Customs™ the color matching and the application of paint or stain is done in the Custom Shop at O'Hair, whereas with Millwork by O'Hair™ the color matching and finishes are handled in your local dealer's shop.

Do O'Hair Shutters™ increase the equity of my house?

Quality wood shutters and venetians from O’Hair add value to your home and should always be taken into account by professional home appraisers. If you decide to sell your home, your interior shutter warranty is transferable, protecting that value and supporting your asking price.

Can I view O'Hair Shutters™ in a local showroom?

Many of our dealers have dedicated showrooms where you can view full-size displays of our shutters. Even if an O'Hair dealer does not have a showroom, they do have a range of portable finished samples that they will be happy to share with you at your home. In either case, your local dealer will likely have some full-size product awaiting installation in their shop and will be able to answer your questions.

There are less expensive products on the market. Why should I choose O'Hair?

Some of our best testimonials are from homeowners who did not buy O’Hair, but wish that they had. Shutters and venetians are not subject to short-term fashion trends and thus tend to remain in the window for decades. “Budget shutters” and cheap blinds are not constructed to withstand typical wear for such extended periods of time and must be replaced. Quality shutters and venetians from O’Hair are made to last, making them an excellent value.

Can I measure my own windows?

O'Hair Shutters™ and Venetians™ are custom tailored for each individual window and their design employs a sophisticated semi-inset system so that they can seamlessly merge with the existing architecture. In order to achieve this level of precision, measurements must be taken by a trained O'Hair professional.

Where can I find literature on O'Hair Shutters™?

A variety of literature is available by download from the features pages for each different O'Hair product. If you would like to have printed copies, please give us a call.