O'Hair's 40 acre facility In addition to our fast track state-of-the-art precision manufacturing system, we also rely on traditional methods, such as employing the low humidity environment of the South Plains as part of our energy efficient seasoning process.

tradition meets technology

O'Hair started its business over 70 years ago with traditional hand craftsmanship. While keeping pace with the amazing advances in technology over the decades, their dedication to fine craftsmanship has always been the preeminent aspect of our core values.

They employ the ideal fusion of traditional craftsmanship with precision state-of-the-art technology. For example, their ScanSelect™ computer controlled process detects the best section of each blank and adjusts the cut on the fly. Our exclusive online design and ordering system serves as a direct link between the Moreland professional in your home and our manufacturing process. As the components are custom built for each individual window, this system ensures absolute precision and an amazingly fast turnaround.

Final assembly is a hands-on process that ensures a perfect fit and finish while making it possible to detect even the slightest scuff or irregularity, and our premium finishes are perfectly matched by a combination of a highly trained eye and spectrophotometer instrumentation.

These processes, when combined with our advanced rock-solid designs, provide a level of quality that that simply cannot be found in any other brand of shutter or venetian.

O'Hair shutters east plant aerial photo

the highest standard in quality and reliability for three quarters of a century